Round Face Shape


How to tell if you have a round shaped face?

The typical complexion of a round face shape are wide foreheads, full cheeks and rounded chins. Your face is normally equal in length and width. 
Glasses for round shaped faces
We recommend glasses with strong details and angles to contrast your soft features. By adding some contrast, you make the illusion of a thinner and longer face. We recommend rectangular and wayfarer frames.



Best Frames for you




Wayfarer's are iconic. The end. On a semi-serious note though, these sunglasses have become the most recognizable and most worn sunglasses of all time. From Rihanna to Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Wolf of Wall Street', these are a must-have pair for both men and women. 


Interesting shape. They're kind of geometric but also slightly round-ish. These are the sunglasses for the experimental individual. And anyway, they are literally called "butterfly" sunglasses, if you aren't as free as a being with wings when wearing them, then you most certainly should be. 


Why so serious?. Just kidding! You look great and way too sophisticated for everyone in the room. These are the perfect frames for the quintessential gentleman or the classy lady. If you're looking to revamp your look or simply make a bold statement, then please do get your rectangle on!

Best Sunglasses for Round Shaped Faces

Best Eyeglasses for Round Shaped Faces