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    Products featuring Best Price Guarantee only. The Best Price Guarantee applies to eyeglasses frames and sunglasses only and does not apply to prescription or contact lenses. Any exact, identical brand name glasses model sold online by an Authorized Malaysia dealer as designated by the official distributor/manufacturer. Colors and sizes must be identical. Any item currently in stock and available for purchase on another website that is also available in the same size, style, and color on www.smartbuyglasses.com.my The item is available on other websites for shipping to your address. Selected eyeglass frames or sunglasses. Prescription lenses and contact lenses are excluded. We include all applicable shipping and other costs of the other website to make a proper cost comparison The Best Price Guarantee is limited to 14 days after you placed your order on www.smartbuyglasses.com.my.

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    The offer cannot be combined with a promotion code. Special promotions such as coupon codes, rebates, gift certificates and "buy one, get one free" are not eligible for the Best Price Guarantee. The difference amount is minimum RM4 We do not honor other retailers' misprinted or falsely advertised prices for the Best Price Guarantee. Purchases for resale or commercial purposes are not eligible for the Best Price Guarantee. This offer does not apply to items advertised below our cost. We will not price match prescription lenses or contact lenses. The price match guarantee applies to eyeglass frames and sunglasses only. Items on websites that are auction sites, unauthorized dealer sites and/or discount sites. Items that are out of stock, open-box, clearance, outlet center products and/or refurbished items. Items that are not in stock, ready for shipping on other websites

    What happens after I submit my request?

    Within 14 days of your purchase date, SmartBuyGlasses will verify and match the lower price and credit your credit card for the price difference assuming the above requirements apply and are met. The item must be currently available on www.smartbuyglasses.com.my in the same size, style, and color.

    If you have not made your purchase at the time of applying for the Best Price Guarantee, we can place the order for you at the matched price upon approval.

    Price difference applies to the full cost of the item including tax and shipping (subtracting any promotions). There's a limit of one guarantee claim per item, per order. The difference amount is minimum RM4.

    We reserve the right to verify another online company's product availability, authorized dealer status, and price before issuing a price match credit.

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Eye Health | SmartBuyGlasses Malaysia

How does The Eye Work?

How does the eye work?

After the brain, the eye is perhaps the second most complex organ in the whole human body. With over one hundred million photoreceptive cells squeezed into a spherical ball that is one-inch in diameter, this organ processes light in a way that allows our brain to visualize the bright and colorful world around us. But how does our brain receive these images? How does the eye work?


Light that is reflected off of objects around us enters the eye through the cornea, which focuses all the light from every direction through to the pupil. The pupil will contract or dilate according to the quantity of light exposure, allowing just the right amount of light to enter. 

From the pupil, the light travels through to the lens, which has a convex shape that focuses the light even further onto the retina, which is located at the back of the eye. The more accurately the lens focuses light onto the retina, the clearer vision you will receive. 


In conditions of myopia (nearsightedness), the lens focuses the light on a point before the retina, making it harder to see distant objects clearly. In regards to hyperopia (farsightedness), the light is focused on a point behind the retina, with the opposite effect. A common reason that people become nearsighted during childhood is that their eyes grow, increasing the distance between the retina and the lens, though the focus of the lenses does not change.

rods and cones

The retina itself is made up of millions of light-sensitive rods and cones. The rods are more sensitive, meaning they can detect much lower levels of light. In fact, our night vision comes almost entirely from the rod cells. However, the rods can only absorb one pigment of light, which means they cannot distinguish colors well, and that is why we cannot see much color at night. 

The cone cells on the other hand, are better adapted for brighter light conditions and contain three different types of receptive proteins (short, medium and long) which are designed to absorb red, green and blue light respectively. Color blindness results from having an imbalanced number of these three types of cells in the retina. So, if you have more short cones and less medium and long ones, you will not be able to distinguish red and green light as well as blue.

light processed as chemical signals in our brain

As light hits the retina's photo-receptors, it is then converted into electro-chemical signals which travel out of the back of the eye and into the brain via a chord of fiber called the optic nerve. These signals reach a central processing center in the middle of the brain called the thalamus, which is responsible for processing all our senses, and then sent all the way to the back of the brain, where our visual cortex is located. It is here in the visual cortex where our brain uses the light wavelengths that our eyes absorb to produce the images that we see every single day. 

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