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Ray-Ban Sustainable Sunglasses



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Ray-Ban Sustainable Sunglasses

Discover the new Bio-Acetate Wayfarer collection Born to wander, the Wayfarer has never stood still. And today, the Wayfarer breaks the mold once more. Exactly the same on the outside, but different on the inside. The Bio-Acetate Wayfarer is made with 67% bio-based materials* derived from renewable sources such as cotton, wood pulp, cereals, beet and sugar cane. The style comes in 2 classic colorways and 3 new striped patterns. Each pair features an exclusive engraving and comes with a special pouch and box made from organic and recycled materials. *Bio-acetate is obtained by combining two main components: cellulose acetate (a polymer derived from cotton or wood pulp) and a bio-based plasticizer made from renewable sources (cereals, beet or sugar cane). The bio-based plasticizer is used in substitution for the traditional fossil-based plasticizer, increasing the overall bio-based content (1) from renewable sources to 67% (2). The percentage of bio-based carbon content indicates how much of the material mixture is obtained from renewable sources versus petrochemical or fossil sources. Most important is the lower environmental impact: compared with standard acetate, bio-acetate production reduces CO2 equivalent emissions by at least 54% (3). 1 Calculated using the ASTM D6866 international standard 2 Against the average bio-content of 40% of standard acetate 3 Based on Life Cycle Assessment data, according to ISO 14040/14044